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Thank You!! To our Spring Sports Sponsors
The following companies supported CFCA Spring Sports as Sponsors through either monetary sponsorships, or donations of goods and services. Please show your appreciation for their support by patronizing their businesses:


Consider Being a CFCA Fall Sport Sponsor!
Sponsorships are available for CFCA Fall programs. Sign-up sheets will be available at Fall sign-ups, or contact a sport commissioner. If you are a business owner, or work at a place that makes community donations, please consider including the CFCA in your plans. 6/1/2016

Thanks to All Spring Sports Commissioners, Coaches, & Volunteers
Thanks to All Spring Sports Commissioners, Coaches, & Volunteers for Another Successful CFCA Spring Sports Season!!! After a mild winter, Spring still seemed to arrive slowly, but our 5 Spring Sports programs successfully gave 360+ children a chance to develop their skills. CFCA programs don’t run successfully without the help of all the willing volunteers. Thanks to Commissioners Amy Willis (Softball), Jim Bender (Baseball), Ron Crawford (T-Ball), Vinnie and Amy Polocek (Boy’s Lacrosse) and Chris Novitsky (Girl’s Lacrosse) for their dedication to our youth. Thanks also to ALL the various coordinators, coaches and other volunteers that make it possible for the CFCA to have such successful programs. 6/1/2016

CFCA Board Membership
The CFCA Board needs more members! The CFCA board is currently made up of the officers and sports commissioners, but we need additional members on the board to remain viable. Board meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month in CFHS Lecture Room #1, at 7 PM. Please email if you are interested. 2/25/2016


Safety / Security Measures to be Implemented by CFCA
As most people are probably aware, there has been a high level of focus across all levels of tackle football on head injuries and concussions. Continuing this Fall, the CFCA will be implementing processes and practices to help insure participant safety. These processes are centered around child safety, specifically with regards to head injuries and concussions, and are a requirement of our insurance carrier. There will be training and documentation that will be mandatory for all CFCA football coaches, players, and parents/guardians. Completion of all required elements will be tracked, and anyone not in compliance will not be allowed to participate. We also have full implementation of a background check program for all CFCA coaches and significant volunteers. Background checks will be administered by a national background check service (Protect Youth Sports). If you have any questions or comments regarding these new processes or policies, please send an email to . 6/1/2016

CFCA Core Values – They are Important to Us
The CFCA has a long standing reputation as a volunteer organization that provides the resources and coordination to enable quality sports programs for children of various ages, backgrounds, and levels of ability. Sportsmanship, fair play, the desire to do their best, and a long lasting love of the sports they play are some of the values we hope to instill in participants in all our sports programs. These values are reinforced by our Association Codes of Conduct, and are appropriate regardless of the sport or season. 2/25/2016

No Smoking
STATE LAW mandates that Smoking is not allowed in any CF School building, or anywhere else on CF schools property. Please respect this rule, and help coaches and officials enforce it by reminding our guests and visitors of the rules! 2/25/2016

Please Obey Parking Regulations
When parking on and around CF school property for CFCA events, please be sure to obey all parking signs and designations, especially No Parking areas, and Handicapped spots. River Rd, Patch Rd, the bus turnaround near the Middle School, and the Harshaw lot tend to be the problem areas during Spring sports., Help preserve our privileges by parking properly. 2/25/2016

Communication is Key
The spring sports season often means field schedule changes, conflicts with school events, weather issues, and rescheduled game/practices. Communication is a key aspect of helping to prevent the chaos these issues can bring about. Please try to establish good communication habits with your child’s coach and/or team parent, so you are kept up to date. 2/25/2016